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November 6, 2019 @ 8:29 pm

01 Weekly Weird News

Rusted Culture Podcast Weird News Day


Join in for a curated collection of the worlds very best weird news for the past week! 


-a diamond ring made from whaat?

-case of the Harvard Library bird on the loose since 11/1 *updated*

-the court case of the errant Biological Resource Center and what they were doing with the medical research bodies.

-it’s called a ‘Cuddle Party’, but I have a question..


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October 8, 2019 @ 10:55 pm

Does Trump look like he knows what corruption is?

Does Trump look to you like he knows what corruption is?
It’s not the Republicans fault, not the Democrats fault, Trump has managed to do this all by himself folks.. it’s time we protect the Constitution and what it stands for and hold this President accountable.

Tired of hearing Berny Sanders or Elizabeth Warren are socialists? Here’s what they are far from being a socialist..

The article link mentioned in the show:

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August 7, 2019 @ 10:52 pm

Wake Up and Smell The Treason America

Trump goes to El Paso and says he got “love and respect”... don’t come to me looking for love and respect Mr. Trump, you won’t get love and respect by trying to fix a problem you helped create..

Treasonous I say! It’s borderline treason not to not even try and secure our 2020 elections..

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June 18, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

Pelosi Impeachment Strategy, Fight For Women’s Rights

Pelosi Impeachment Strategy, Fight for Women’s Rights


Could this be the Pelosi Impeachment strategy? My bets are still on Pelosi for ultimately holding Trump accountable for obstruction...


The problem with plastic

What has Trump done about plastics pollution? By 2050, the weight of garbage plastic in the world’s oceans will equal the weight of all the fish in the ocean

According to a study below..

What’s worse is that these things I talk about are all confirming that study..


The laws old men make regarding women’s rights

Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas has just said The Supreme Court should not feel the need to be bound by prior precedent in making decisions.. you can bet on the fact that he is savoring the chance to knock down Roe V. Wade


Newly Broken Guinness Records and a startup to.. help name your baby?




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April 28, 2019 @ 4:20 pm

Trump has a tiger by the tail

Trump has a tiger by the tail


Congress is being thwarted in its attempts to look into the Mueller Report (which they still have yet to see in an un-redacted form). Trump vows to block any subpoenas issued by Congress.


Did Trump forget that there are three equal branches and the Legislative branch is one of the three that has every right to the information to conduct their own research into the Mueller findings?


Did Trump forget that we elected those representatives? When Trump defies those whom we have elected, that’s the day our democracy as written in The Constitution fails to work..


Next up: This weeks ‘wink and nod’ to white supremacy by Trump


Lastly some strange stories in the news this past week..


Our question to listeners:what would you do if stranded on a deserted island with Trump? Go to and you can leave a message we may just play on the air.

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April 19, 2019 @ 11:30 am

Contagious obstruction: help Cummings fight high drug prices; Mueller facts vs Barr‘s ‘spin cycle’

Contagious obstruction: help Cummings fight high drug prices; Mueller facts vs Barr‘s ‘spin cycle’


Congressman Cummings, chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee is trying to lower drug prices but is being thwarted by republicans Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows. Is it any wonder when drug companies gave 42% more money to House Republicans than Democrats in 2018?

Link to ‘Open who track the money..


Barr hits the ‘spin cycle’ as fast as he can to try and wash away the lies, collusion and obstruction


Some strange stories about... a haunted grocery store?


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April 16, 2019 @ 11:45 am

Running a country on zero taxes? Buttigieg gathers steam; ICE unchecked..

Running a country on zero taxes? Buttigieg gathers steam; ICE unchecked..


Ohio swing voters prefer this person over all other candidates for president in this study..


Thoughts on presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg declaring his run and his appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show last night..


Here we go again, over 60 companies pay zero taxes and guess who has an interesting solution?


Trump’s ICE deported the husband of a female US soldier killed serving our country in Afghanistan and leaves their 12 year old daughter behind?


And we have some interesting news stories that include what Assange was really up to in the Ecuadorian embassy.. would you want a houseguest like this?


Interview with Nancy Hartwell, an internationally recognized authority on human trafficking. Nancy has authored 3 best selling, award winning books about victims of this crime and has been featured on over 500 radio shows. Hear her insight and tips on how to protect your kids and yourself from this growing problem.

For further information mentioned in the interview, see

Nancy’s website includes helpful telephone numbers, links to books about human trafficking and a free course you can take.

Music credits;

"Iron Bacon" and “Rocket Power” by Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Follow me on Twitter;

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April 10, 2019 @ 4:38 pm

Mueller Investigators If you are listening; Income Inequality and the need for greed

Mueller Investigators If you are listening; Income Inequality and the need for greed


When the richest of the rich are worried about income inequality folks, you know it’s a big problem. The system is rigged for people like Trump and they know it- it’s all about their need for greed.


When the billionaires get worried they start pointing and screaming socialism at the top of their lungs. They screamed socialism at FDR’s “New Deal” they screamed socialism at “Social Security”, it’s what they do folks..


In my opinion, Attorney General Bill Barr is obstructing justice with the Mueller Report.. Trump calling the report “Treasonous” and “against the constitution” that’s why I say “Mueller Investigators, if you are listening.....l

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April 2, 2019 @ 9:49 pm

Foreign Aid Isn’t Bribery Mr. President; Facebook’s Grand Bargain

Foreign Aid Isn’t Bribery Mr. President; Facebook’s Grand Bargain

Foreign aid shouldn’t be treated like a bribe where if a country doesn’t do ‘what you want’ (has to many immigrants to the US) then you simply pull the foreign aid. Normally, one would do an assessment of what’s working and what’s not working and make changes. Do you thinkTrump has any idea of this?

Facebook is willing to make a “Grand Bargain” to encourage regulation of their platforms. We’ll discuss why and what’s behind their call for regulation.

Time for news tidbits with Curtis where we discuss the news of the day and solve all the worlds problems!

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March 28, 2019 @ 1:02 pm

Time for a bipartisan committee to review Mueller Report


Time for a bipartisan committee to review Muller Report


Something doesn’t look right here folks, on one hand AG Bill Barr is saying there’s nothing to see here, the Mueller Investigation is over, yet on the other hand, a prosecutor for the Mueller Investigation says “it is continuing robustly” (Politico ) How this could be a calculated move by Mueller to protect and “immunize” the Investigation..


We have had tax cuts for the rich and now it’s cut time for budget cuts to pay for that.. PBS and Special Olympics are in the cross hairs

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