68: Trump Just Wasted 2 Years On Healthcare; More Trump storms ahead


What a waste. In the past two years, Trump could have been fixing what wasn’t working “right” with The Affordable Care Act.. instead, republicans have done everything to sleazily dilute, kick and now almost kill the Affordable Care Act.. as an American, you should be disgusted. Judge Reed O’Connors half baked judgement is now off to the 5th Circuit Court Of Appeals so let them know your healthcare and all the provisions that go with it are important to you and should be improved for all Americans, not killed:


US Court Of Appeals For The 5th Circuit

600 Camp St.

New Orleans, LA 70130

Attn: clerk Lyle W. Cache


Jerome Corsi has lost the truth someplace and fears he may be indicted and we are supposed to feel sorry for him?


Jim Acosta was set up to be dismissed..


This Trump ‘Trade War’ with China won’t end well for farmers..


Trump sends troops to fight a ‘ghost caravan’ on our border but can’t use military assets like the 6000 helicopters in the military to help save lives in California?

Episode 66 The Rusted Culture Podcast

Jimmy Buffet concert for Gillum as Florida Governor

Do you realize how much information your web browser is collecting about you right now? https://goo.gl/przC1g

-what is being collected and what you can do about it..


USA Today reports the VA is using dogs for useless fatal experimentation? https://goo.gl/h7Bm3S

-is it not enough that we fight corrupt, lying politicians everyday now we have to fight the VA for killing dogs in Frankenstein type experiments. If you love dogs please listen to this and then help stop it with a donation to this non profit organization called the “White Coat Project” which is dedicated to stopping experiments on dogs by the Federal Government. 



A Pleasant Koch Brothers Surprise....


Drama Builds around Roger Stone in Mueller probe.. https://goo.gl/3qQ3hU

You knew this was coming didn’t you? I think the Sleazy Stone has more to offer the Mueller probe than he thinks..

Show notes for the Trump and the Gullibles” episode by Frank Ebersold and the Rusted Culture Podcast:


Trump calls Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum a thief? Show me YOUR taxes Mr. President and I will show you a thief..


The Gullibles: How facts are mutated and conspiracy theories are molded into an alternative reality that makes the Gullibles feel comfortable..

-the migrant caravan is hiding gangs and diseases..


Gullibility in America isn’t a state of mind it’s a movement with Trump and Fox News as the machinery that turns conspiracy theories into their comfortable form of reality for the “Gullibles” to easily digest..


Show notes for this episode of The Rusted Culture Podcast by Frank Ebersold


Is Trump “Daddy’s Little Boy”?  https://goo.gl/3rN2Sr


Secretary Of Defense must have a loyalty problem because Trump calls him “a sort of Democrat”..


Michael Cohen why something big is coming..


“Pocahontas” calls Trumps bluff but what about Congressman Kevin McCarthy? His family prospers claiming shaky Native American roots?


“We The People” hold the power that changed Trumps chaotic and inhumane immigration policy that separated immigrant parents and children.. “We The People” voted in Maine to expand Medicaid to 80,000 poor Maine residents and beat the Governor who refused to expand Medicaid despite the state vote to do so. Paul LePage is now being forced to Expand Medicaid by a Maine Superior Court Judge, the power truly lies in the hands of the people and in their power to vote.

Congressional Republican ‘budget screamers’ want to cut back the budget and are willing to cut Medicare and Social Security to get it done.. all this after Trump’s 1 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich 5 months ago.. 

How the Fed raising interest rates shows the Trump tax cuts were not needed by the economy..

Show links:

Washington Post article (about the budget released this past Tuesday by Republicans):


Trump makes my dreams come true, whether it’s that great immigration policy that separates immigrant kids from their parents, trashing the G7 or his unfailing support for Scott Pruitt who by the way just added some more fuel to the firing fire..

We will discuss how the immigrant kids separated from their parents keeps growing and how the FBI just cracked Cohen’s blackberry phone and all of those encrypted messages. Is it almost time to nickname Cohen ‘Flipper’?

We have to discuss how Trump trashed the G7 and threatens allies that we have forged over many presidents. The trashing of the G7 culminated in a nothing burger, a big bun with no beef, meeting with Kim Jong Un. An agreement so riddled with holes there is no way we can verify North Korea is complying with de-nuclearization. 

Then, a bit of good news for you to wrap the segment up today!

Trumps Immigration Policy Is A Disaster

At first, the Trump Policy on immigration was a secret but on May 7th, 2018, the policy of criminalizing immigrant parents of children so that their children  could be classified as ‘unaccompanied minors’ and hauled off to detention centers became a nightmare reality. We discuss what is going on right now and how Trump’s policy of breaking families apart who are seeking asylum is a disaster and nearing epic proportions as so many families are being broken up that Trump is running out of places to house all of these immigrant kids separated from their parents. Is this the America you know? Is this the America our immigrant grandparents knew?

The Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 60 Mueller Investigation -Latest updates on the “Michael Cohen” treasure trove -The likely scenario of the Meuller Investigation wrap up.. what’s next? https://goo.gl/3qCbGS -Republican Trey Gowdy disputes Trump’s “Spygate” claims

Moving On To.. -The so called deal to save Chinese Telecom ZTE is starting to stink.. https://goo.gl/LAiGco -Give me a new plane.. “In the name of Jesus”.. https://goo.gl/u4g3oW

The Rusted Culture Podcast Episode 59 Swamp things and Mueller’s wrecking ball swings on..

The Swamp Things..

Vanity Fair has an interesting article on how “Scott Pruitt Is an Even Bigger Monster Than You Thought”... https://goo.gl/TFpjgL -this insanity with Scott Pruitt would have ended in a normal administration months ago. -listen to how bad things really are at the EPA

The Meuller Wrecking Ball Swings On..

The Washington Post has an interesting article ( https://goo.gl/xyHD89 ) in my view, how “Mr. Clean” Cohens attempts to “pre-treat” the info gleaned in the FBI raid is doomed to fail..

I will discuss the “Clown Posse”, Mr. Walrus, puffy faced Hannity, Mr. Crinkle face Dobbs and more..

(The intro music clip was performed by the “Beef Seeds” and you can find more of their music on YouTube)

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