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January 3, 2020 @ 6:52 pm

The World On Edge With Iran: Where’s The Diplomacy?


The World On Edge With Iran: Where’s The Diplomacy?


Here we go folks, a look at the tit-for-tat slow train wreck with Iran that leaves us all wondering what is next. Here’s how we got to where we now sit pondering that very question today.


Another ‘thing’ that attacks bees found in Washington State....

   -something you can do: plant a pollinator garden for $10 delivered or continue your search 

    there for more options by entering ‘pollinator kits’. You can have a great looking wild flower        

    garden and give bees a helpful habitat at the same time 


From The Weird News Collection:

    -English teachers can be kind of odd can’t they? Here’s an interesting story..


“Antiques Road Show Gone Wobbly” the case of what is in that old bottle...?


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December 24, 2019 @ 2:11 pm

Impeachment- The Struggle For Truth; Christianity Today’s Common Sense

Impeachment- The Struggle For Truth; Christianity Today’s Common Sense


It is the Senate’s job to conduct a fair hearing and seek the truth

-Mulvaney, Pompeo and Bolton should step out of the dark and testify


What could we expect from another Trump term as president?


-News article by CNBC this week showing 91 Fortune 500 companies paid zero taxes.


Christianity Today vociferously slammed by “less than evangelical” far right for daring to say something unflattering about Trump..

-Ever heard the phrase “God works in mysterious ways” you may want to think that through..

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November 19, 2019 @ 1:49 pm

02 Weekly Weird News

Weekly Weird News!

Professor who literally ‘wrote the book on money laundering’ accused of just that

Onion Shortage outrage in Bangladesh: long lines and sharp outrage rules

World’s first what? Vagina museum, you have got to be kidding but I’m not..

Rod Stewart’s 26 year hobby project revealed..

Why aren’t Turkeys welcome in ‘Toms’ River New Jersey?

Kangaroo on the loose in Mississippi with latest details on its whereabouts..

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June 21, 2018 @ 8:24 pm

Power To The People: Immigration to Upcoming Budget Cuts

“We The People” hold the power that changed Trumps chaotic and inhumane immigration policy that separated immigrant parents and children.. “We The People” voted in Maine to expand Medicaid to 80,000 poor Maine residents and beat the Governor who refused to expand Medicaid despite the state vote to do so. Paul LePage is now being forced to Expand Medicaid by a Maine Superior Court Judge, the power truly lies in the hands of the people and in their power to vote.

Congressional Republican ‘budget screamers’ want to cut back the budget and are willing to cut Medicare and Social Security to get it done.. all this after Trump’s 1 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich 5 months ago.. 

How the Fed raising interest rates shows the Trump tax cuts were not needed by the economy..

Show links:

Washington Post article (about the budget released this past Tuesday by Republicans):

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